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The WI-HP-SOFT-2 Soft Water Softener from HousePure provides whole-house protection against costly water hardness scaling and lime scale build-up. Enjoy the gentle caress of softened water from every faucet, bath and shower. Extend the life of your home: softened water protects appliances, fixtures and plumbing lines. The HousePure Soft is an ideal solution for hard water spotting and scaling damage. Features high flow 1-_ to 1-_ inlet/outlet connections and a _ discharge outlet. An electronic water meter provides quick setup and programming, while an integrated power backup offers peace-of-mind during power interruptions. The softener regenerates and self cleans on a regular basis. Ideal for indoor and outdoor installations. (See acceptable temperature range specifications shown below.) Components Tested and Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements.

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