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The WI-HPSS-2 ScaleStop 2″ Commercial Grade Scale Control Filter System from HousePure is the high capacity commercial version of the residential HousePure ScaleStop. The HPSS 2 boasts 2 inlet and outlet lines for larger homes and businesses that require higher flow rates with the added scale control capacity. The pretreatment tank offers 4 cubic feet of premium coconut shell granular activated carbon along with 10 lbs of KDF-55 medium. Together, these two mediums create a high degree of pretreatment benefi ts including dechlorination, bacteria inhibition, and taste and odor reduction. The second tank contains 88% more ScaleStop media than residential systems, ensuring that all water is properly treated for scale control. The HPSS-2 has a 2 inlet and outlet, which can be bushed down to accept smaller pipe sizes if needed. The unit includes a 2900 series commercial, 24VDC controller and a 3200 2 metered valve. Includes Installation Parts and Install/Owners Manual; Service Flow Rates: System: 40 GPM; Scale Control: 30 GPM; Dimensions (Including both tanks): Width: 32 Height: 80 Depth: 32; Media Volume: 4-cubic feet, coconut shell granular activated carbon (Tank 1) 10-lbs, KDF-55 Medium (Tank 1) 7.5-liters, ScaleStop resin (Tank 2); Operating Temperature Range: 34F to 110F (Not appropriate for freezing temperatures.) Pipe Size: Inlet- 2, Outlet- 2, Drain- 1; Water Pressure Range: 20 PSI to 75 PSI; Water Quality: Not for use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. Operating Voltage: 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 120 VAC transformer included.

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